Letter by the Rt Hon David Trimble to Sir Ian Blair regarding Terrorist Threat

Dear Sir Ian

I enclose a print out from a web site run by the Thirty Two County Sovereignty Movement, which is part of the Real I.R.A. Also enclosed a copy of a letter written by Victor Barker, the father of one of the 1998 Omagh bomb victims, writing on behalf of Michael Gallagher of the Omagh Victims Support Group, to the operator of the server on which the site runs, (Netfirms who are based, in the U.S.A. and Canada), with regard to a libel on the site.

You will note that the print out contains a clear incitement to murder me. I would first ask that you investigate this matter. Mr. Barker’s letter made a passing reference to this threat to me. I know that Mr. Barker and Mr. Michael Gallagher met with the Prime Minister many months ago and raised with him the contents of this web site. At that time they received an assurance that the matter would be dealt with and I understand that you have lead responsibility on the matter, although Police in Scotland and Northern Ireland should also be concerned, as there is a clear connection with Londonderry on the web page and I believe that the server is operated through Glasgow.

It is a considerable disappointment to see that the site continues to operate. I have no doubt that if this web site was a Fundamental Islamist site advocating murder, arrests and closure would by now have happened.

If you examine the web site you will see that there are many clear incitements to violence as well as the absolutely disgusting libellous statements referred to above. There is little doubt about the site’s relationship with the Real I.R.A.

I do think it is a grave mistake for the authorities to permit the continued operation of what is in effect a terrorist support group. Whatever complacency there might have been within mainland police forces about this sort of activity must surely have ended after last year’s bombs in London and I do hope that vigorous action will now be taken on this matter.

I am copying this letter to the Prime Minister, The Home Secretary, The Northern Ireland Secretary and the Scottish First Minister.

Yours sincerely

Rt. Hon David Trimble MLA

(May 19th, 2006)

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