A conversation between David Trimble and Alex Kane
This is the record of an email correspondence in November 2009 between David Trimble and Alex Kane, then the Director of Communications for the Ulster Unionist Party. Alex Kane resigned his post on 1st February 2010. full text here

A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland?
Daphne Trimble, wife of David Trimble, is a member of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. In December 2008 the Commission presented the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland a report containing its advice on a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. Daphne Trimble dissented from that advice and wished to have a note of her dissent appended to the report. The Commission declined her request for such an appendix. Accordingly, and so that it can be on the record, her dissenting note is reproduced here

Talking to Terrorists
David Trimble reviews 'Talking to Terrorists' By John Bew, Martyn Frampton and Iñigo Gurruchaga Columbia University Press, 2009, 259 pp., $27.50.
November 2009
This review originally appeared in The American Interest click here

Hearts and Minds - 22 May 2008
Transcript of interview with Noel Thompson on BBC's Hearts and Minds

Mitchell Conference
The Speech David Trimble gave at the Mitchell Conference at Queen's University - 22 May 2008

Agreeing to Differ
David Trimble takes issue with Jonathon Powell's Blairite view of the Good Friday Agreement - Trimble's review of Powell's book, "Great Hatred, Little Room"
The Guardian 05 April 2008.

Ten Years On
The text of an article on the Belfast Agreement in the Irish Times.
01 April 2008

Misunderstanding Ulster
David Trimble discusses the peace process in Northern Ireland and reflects on parallels with the Middle East.
24 November 2007

The first Antony Alcock Memorial Lecture, at the University of Ulster, 24 April 2007
David Trimble for the first time gives the definitive inside account of the making of the Belfast Agreement (Good Friday Agreement) of 1998.
27 April 2007

Lord Trimble announces he is to join the Conservative Party.

17 April 2007

50:50 recruitment to PSNI will continue even if Catholic recruits outnumber Protestant.
In a debate on the renewal of 50:50 recruitment to the Police Force of Northern Ireland in the House of Lords Lord Trimble said: 'It is quite possible that within a matter of months or a year or so that we shall find more Catholic than Protestant applicants coming forward. The Minister should bear in mind that as regards the relevant age group—young men aged 18 to 25—there is a rough equality in numbers in terms of the demographics, so what I have described is quite likely to occur. So we could see a situation where more applications are coming forward from a Catholic background but this legislation limits recruitment to 50 per cent. You will find it working against Catholic applicants.'
Lord Rooker later in the debate revealed that 41% of the applicants on the latest recruitment were RC, he conceded that I might be right that the percentage would soon be over 50% and then said that 50/50 would continue until 2011 even if it meant anti-catholic discrimination!
20 March 2007

Lord Trimble has decided not to seek the Ulster Unionist Party nomination for Upper Bann MLA in the Assembly Elections proposed by the government in March next year.

18 December 2006

'Fatal Amendment' tabled to Water Order by Ulster Unionist Peers
Text of Amendment:
‘Lord Trimble – To move that this House, having regard to the High Court Declaration that the draft order had not been subject to full consultation, and the repeated request of the Committee on the programme for government of the Northern Ireland Assembly that the legislation should be deferred, declines to approve the Water and Sewerage Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.’

In a statement, Lord Trimble said: “This amendment was tabled today. We have been promised support by the Liberal Democrats. We are continuing to talk to the Conservatives and are very hopeful of also having their support for Monday’s debate and vote. If this happens something may be achieved to bring some sanity into the proceedings.

“The amendment cites the Declaration by Mr Justice Weatherup in which he ordered the relevant Minister (David Cairns MP) ‘to arrange that it accompany the passage through parliament of the Draft Water and Sewage Services’ order. Mr Cairns took no steps to comply with this Court order during the Commons proceedings."

7 December 2006

Government at odds with each other over Rates Cap, says Lord Trimble
UUP Peer Lord Trimble said there was clear contradiction between Lord Rooker and Minister David Hanson over a cap on rates in Northern Ireland following last night’s debate in Parliament. In a statement Lord Trimble said,

“Last night the Rates order could have been defeated. The political parties in Northern Ireland had united to call on the Lords to reject the Order. The Conservatives, however, decided not to oppose the Order because the government accepted their amendment, which called on the government: ‘In the event of a system as envisaged under this order being introduced, to set a valuation cap at £500,000 and to take action to help lower income pensioner households.’

(November 9th, 2006)

Trimble attacks DUP dishonesty
There has been a misunderstanding among colleagues about my position. On becoming a Peer I became ineligible to stand for the House of Commons. I am not, however disqualified from standing for the Northern Ireland Assembly, as evidenced by the position of Lord Alderdice and Lord Kilclooney (formerly John D Taylor), both of whom have been Assembly members while Peers.

I hope to make a significant contribution to the Lords. As for a future Northern Ireland Assembly election I will decide whether to seek a nomination in the light of the circumstances then prevailing. If there is such an election in the next few months I will be sorely tempted.

It is clear from the DUP’s thoroughly dishonest consultation paper that...

(November 3rd, 2006)

Trimble calls for power to be transferred to Iraqi Government
In Questions in the House of Lords on 1 November 2006 Lord Trimble said,

“If the strategy in Iraq is to transfer authority and regions to the Iraqi Government, should it not then be the first priority to start to give that Government some authority over the Iraqi army and the Iraqi police? At present, they have virtually none”.

Replying for the Government, Lord Drayson said, “The noble Lord is absolutely right. The situation is changing quite rapidly in that regard in Iraq. We are seeing signs of the sovereign Government having a willingness to take control and responsibility for their armed forces. …This is to be supported”.

(November 3rd, 2006)

Letter by the Rt Hon David Trimble to Sir Ian Blair regarding Terrorist Threat
"I enclose a print out from a web site run by the Thirty Two County Sovereignty Movement, which is part of the Real I.R.A. Also enclosed a copy of a letter written by Victor Barker, the father of one of the 1998 Omagh bomb victims, writing on behalf of Michael Gallagher of the Omagh Victims Support Group, to the operator of the server on which the site runs, (Netfirms who are based, in the U.S.A. and Canada), with regard to a libel on the site."

(May 19th, 2006)

Trimble welcomes Empey move to maximise Unionist representation on Executive
“I welcome the actions of Reg Empey and David Ervine in seeking to maximise the unionist position in the Assembly. This restores the unionist majority and the balance between the unionist parties that the unionist electorate voted for in the Assembly election. It also underlines the fact that the PUP and UUP seek to strengthen and unite unionists, rather than weaken and divide them.”

(May 15th, 2006)

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